Fourlines Polaroid Project
Four young Italian photographers, Gabriele Chiapparini, Andrea Colombo, Anna Morosini and Elena Vaninetti, come from different parts of Italy and also different territorial realities, all polaroid lovers, that always work individually. The group was formed with a common purpose, which needs the particular and specific contribution of everyone of them, as technically able photographers, also having a strong and recognizable personal style.
The project is based on a photography “on the road” trip (“trip” mean as “dimension”), with the exclusive using of the instant photography language (polaroid).Their destination: Scandinavia, that re- presented a completely different reality from their usual landscapes: white, pure, geometric, clean. The idea was to tell through images the sharing of a unique space-time, from 4 different points of view, marked and different between them, having common travels, but also individual for colours and feelings.

// Graphic design and layout for the exhibition in Fabrica Features Stores.